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Priorities for Wise County

Community Collaboration
Be a positive force in our neighborhoods through involvement in community events, fostering strong relationships with local leaders, and collaborating with citizens to make our county safe. Reinstitute the Sheriff’s Explorer Program to teach students the role of law enforcement in our community.

Coordinate with Local Law Enforcement
Encourage constructive communication between the Sheriff's office, local police departments, and first responder agencies to provide seamless public safety for all of our constituents.

Prioritize School Safety

Ensure that county and city law enforcement have a cohesive plan and are on the same page as it pertains to school safety and incidents involving schools. 

Protect our Families
The Texas Legislature recently passed laws protecting children including prohibiting lewd behavior in front of minors and prohibiting abortion. I will faithfully support and execute these laws.

End Human Trafficking

I have teamed up with Jaco Booyens Ministries to help educate the public on the evils of Human Trafficking.

Keep Wise County, Wise County
Carry the conservative values of Wise County residents into the sheriff’s office and make faith and family a focal point for all employees.

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