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Cary Mellema is a veteran of the US Air Force, has worked as a law enforcement reservist for almost 19 years, and holds a Master Peace Officer Certification. In 2003 Cary was also appointed Chief of Police for the City of Rhome to lead the department during a difficult period. In 2006, after his successor left the department, Cary was asked, once again, to take over as interim Chief of Police until a new Chief was hired. Cary has served in multiple supervision roles as a reservist. He has been a Reserve Lieutenant, Sergeant, Investigator, and Community Service Sergeant. Cary volunteers for Constable Applewhite in Precinct 3 as his reserve Chief Deputy.

For almost 4 years, Cary has been spending his Sundays patrolling southern Wise County visiting multiple churches. Cary communicates with church security personnel and pastors to provide information and extra law enforcement presence. He has also assisted other agencies as a cover unit during traffic stops, traffic control, and calls for service in southern Wise County.

Cary has also served as a city councilman and on a planning and zoning committee.

Cary is President of GT Products, LLC, a company founded by his father in 1983.  Cary began working there in 1988, where he started as a loader in the warehouse, and moved into sales and then management.  When his family sold the business in 2020, he was asked to stay on and serve as president of the company by the new owners.

Cary is happily married to his supportive wife, Cara. The couple lives in Aurora and have resided in Wise County since 1998. Cary has a son, Brad, daughter-in-law, Lindsey, and three beautiful grandchildren, Brody, Hally, and Chloe. Cary is a member of both the Wise County and Rhome Veterans Organizations.

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